Dexter is on the device with Lumen when she abruptly sees a trace at the home door

Dexter is on the device with Lumen when she abruptly sees a trace at the home door

Lumen goes out over check into girls while you are Dexter rejects in order to a doubtful Deb that he’s when you look at the an individual connection with Lumen

Due to the fact Dexter and you will Lumen is disposing of Cole’s bagged remains regarding the Cut out of Lifestyle, Stan Liddy pictures all of them with a telephoto lens.

The fresh knob rattles and you can she says to Dexter that a person is trying to break in. The door together with rattles at the front. Lumen grabs a blade and you can whispers so you can Dexter that they are to the and you can upcoming to the their. He says to the girl to save the brand new line open and you can she covers from the restroom. It turns out getting only Astor along with her pal, Olivia, exactly who took a coach out-of Orlando so you’re able to Miami and you will consider the family is empty.

Not knowing dealing with Astor, Dexter asks Lumen’s advice on teenage girls. She advises him to speak with this lady and show something the guy performed from the her years (that he knows is not smart). Lumen states the guy is reduce Astor a break and you” alt=”site de sortir avec papa-gâteau”> will claims their dangle over is punishment adequate. Through the breakfast, Dexter informs Astor that he really wants to spend time with the lady to speak. She believes as long as Harrison will come together, too. Only up coming, Harrison phone calls Lumen “Mama” to every person’s shock. Astor says to your, “This woman is not your mom. Your own mama’s lifeless,” and therefore displeases Dexter. Olivia reily is strange, also.

When you’re at the job, Dexter gets a call out-of Lumen, that is babysitting the 3 children. She anxiously informs him one to Astor and you can Olivia have gone shed. He hurries the home of look for Lumen talking-to his neighbor, Elliot Larson. Elliot noticed a light van at domestic and you can realized region of its license plate amount, however, did not think things given that he was unaware that an occupant is actually residing Dexter’s home.

It’s visible they are consuming

Dexter reports the newest van towards police and you will productivity on the agencies, in which folk rallies doing your. The person regarding the white van is found in the a fuel channel, but he turns out to be Barry Kurt, the newest date from Olivia’s mom who had been checking having Olivia. The girls try in the future discovered at the brand new shopping center, having been detained to possess shoplifting.

Dexter brings Deb plus the two girls back into their family, in which Lumen try waiting. He uncomfortably brings up Lumen to Deb since his renter.

Immediately following Deb departs, Dexter asks Astor the proceedings along with her consuming and you may shoplifting. He tells the woman one to she is adopting the an adverse highway, however, she actually is uncooperative. Astor converts something back towards your, inquiring from the Lumen once again. He states they stay around up to the woman is able to speak.

At the same time, Lumen observes bruises to your Olivia’s stomach, and that Olivia shrugs regarding since the little. Lumen, regardless of if, knows signs and symptoms of abuse and you can shows so you can Dexter one to Olivia has been outdone. Astor shows to Dexter you to definitely she know on the Olivia and you may requires him not to become aggravated during the the woman. She requires Dexter to help you guarantee he won’t say something, otherwise Barry will keep striking Olivia. She contributes he merely strikes the lady inside the locations that dont reveal. Dexter assurances Astor that he covers they. When he afterwards match with Barry, Dexter beats your up-and instructions your to split with Olivia’s mom.

While in Dexter’s house, Lumen answers a visit from Jordan Chase, who’s interested in Dexter. He asks the woman in order to exchange an email, stating that Dexter needs to schedule a scheduled appointment, including, “Tick, tick, tick. That is the sound out-of their lifestyle running-out.” Then he address contact information Lumen from the her first name. She gasps and you can hangs right up, scared.