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Liquid Asset

Trading volume of at least 1 million shares daily is considered a sign of market liquidity. Starbucks’ average trading volume during the past three months has been just over 6.5 million — another sign that the market for Starbucks shares is highly liquid. Unless you’re trading a sizable number of shares , you can consider Starbucks stock to be liquid. can also help you take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Fitch Affirms Western Asset US Dollar Liquidity Fund at ‘AAAmmf’ – Fitch Ratings

Fitch Affirms Western Asset US Dollar Liquidity Fund at ‘AAAmmf’.

Posted: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 18:46:00 GMT [source]

Bond issuers may be public or private companies, states, municipalities and sovereign governments that use the capital for expansion and improvement efforts. While bonds might be harder to sell than stocks, bonds can be bought and sold and are considered liquid. Many companies—not just tech start-ups—offer their employees stock options as part of a larger compensation package. Typically a new employee is promised a set amount of stock in the company that employs them if they Liquid Asset remain with the company for a given period of time. Stock options can be very valuable, but they are highly illiquid assets, as you must remain with the company for years before you own the stock promised to you. Cash equivalents are other asset holding that may be treated similar as cash due to their low risk and short-term duration. Examples of cash equivalents include Treasury bills, Treasury notes, commercial paper, certificates of deposit , or money market funds.

Benefits & Stipulations of Liquidity

For instance, when you apply for a mortgage, lenders can look at the number of liquid assets you have. They do this to ensure that should anything happen, you’d still be able to continue making monthly mortgage payments. Lenders may also evaluate you in the same way when you apply for a car loan. Many people keep both liquid and non-liquid assets in order to help diversify their wealth. Having liquid assets on hand can help if you have an immediate need for cash. If you keep too much in non-liquid assets, you may be forced to make sacrifices or take on debt whenever you need to raise cash. Non-liquid assets may be harder to cash out, and they could come with a loss in value.

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